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The Mortgage Hub Closing Guarantee

Close with confidence!

We’ll pay home buyers up to $3,000 if a missed closing date is on us.

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Program Details

Our Closing Guarantee gives our clients the assurance they need to close with confidence.

If your close of escrow date is missed due to our delay, we will credit the buyer up to $3000 for allowable costs incurred as a result.

Terms and Conditions

Eligible Loans:

  • Purchase transaction with a loan amount under $2M.
  • Purchases financed through TMH’s internal mortgage bank.
  • The minimum days-to-close is determined by loan type (Calendar Days from contract signing):
    • Conforming: 14 days
    • Jumbo: 24 days
    • 1st & 2nd Combo: 25 days
    • VA & FHA: 30 days

Document Requests:

Documents must be delivered to TMH according to the following:

  • Signed purchase contract on the day* it is executed.
  • Initial document request within one business day after the borrower has signed the purchase contract.
  • All additional document requests within one business day of the request.
  • Final appraisal(s) no later than seven business days prior to the closing date.

Loan Changes:

  • Significant loan term changes can only be requested eight or more business days from the scheduled closing date.
  • Minor loan term changes can only be requested five or more business days from the scheduled closing date.
  • The interest rate has to be locked at least ten business days before the scheduled closing date.


  • The loan signing appointment needs to be set within two hours of the time(s) requested by our escrow officer.
  • Borrowers must use TMH’s web portal to upload all requested documents
*TMH’s closing timeline will begin the following business day if the executed contract is received after Noon Pacific Time.


The Close On-Time Guarantee does not apply if:

  • The appraisal requires a physical inspection and the inspection is not scheduled by the seller, or one of the representing agents, within 24 hours of the first contact attempt by the appraiser.
  • The closing date is missed due to delays attributable to the borrower(s), a third party, or the seller. Illustrative examples include a delay in obtaining a verification of employment, asset information or unavoidable escrow delays.
  • Information provided by the borrower(s) on the application could not be verified or was inaccurate or insufficient.
  • The closing date was missed due to an act of God, strike, riot, act of war, terrorism, earthquake, pandemic, government shutdown or similar event beyond TMH’s reasonable control.
The Restrictions above apply only to your qualification for the Close On-Time Guarantee. You maintain all legal rights to shop for your settlement service provider(s) and under no circumstances are you required to use TMH’s preferred settlement service provider if you have the right to shop for the provider. Please refer to the Settlement Service List Provider Disclosure for information pertaining to TMH’s preferred provider(s). TMH reserves the right to amend or terminate this Close On-Time Guarantee at any time and without prior notice but will honor the above terms as to any loan in process at the time of such amendment or termination.