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Tyler Coffman

Post-Close Specialist

Tyler is a member of The Mortgage Hub’s funding and post-closing department. His responsibilities include coordinating with escrow and title to ensure funds are distributed properly and investors receive the proper documents. 

Tyler graduated from Cal State University, Long Beach with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting. In addition to managing a full course load, he held jobs ranging from customer service to sales. These jobs gave him valuable experience and knowledge pertaining to time-management, communication skills, and the ability to work efficiently in a team. 

The genuine joy Tyler gets from his daily interactions with coworkers and the new knowledge he gains regularly drives him to grow personally and professionally. He is actively working toward a home loan originator’s license.

Tyler was born and raised in Long Beach, CA and is a fanatic for all things sports. If he’s not watching a game or managing his fantasy football team, you can often find him at his local basketball court or driving range. When he’s not fixated on sports, he loves to spend time with his friends playing cornhole, billiards, bowling, and poker. He also enjoys trying new restaurants and cocktail bars.