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Salomon Chong

After co-founding The Mortgage Hub in 2011 as a wholesale brokerage, Salomon was introduced to the idea of changing the company’s structure from a wholesale broker to a correspondent lender. While a wholesale broker can usually provide better rates and access to more programs than a traditional retail bank, and a bank has more control over the loan process, a correspondent lender provides a hybrid structure of the two.

Like a broker, a correspondent lender has access to various lenders and loan programs while keeping full control of the funding and fulfillment process. In essence, correspondent lenders can provide the clients, referral partners, associate brokers and Mortgage Consultants with the best of both worlds.

Salomon grew up on the small Caribbean island of Curacao before moving to the US to attend Penn State University where he earned a BS in Supply Chain Management. In 2002, he moved to Southern California to work for Nestle and transitioned to the mortgage industry in 2006. He currently resides in Frisco TX with his wife, son, and dog.

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